Apocalix – Never Happened

By Mike LNg

As many of you already know the scheduled Apocalix Full Rules Muay Thai event in Milan, Italy never happened.  I was very excited and looked forward to this event happening and alas it never did.  The fighters involved never got paid and one of the key coordinators of this event got left holding the bag with 9000 EU spent.  I can only imagine what has happened to the sponsor money but all the fighters and people who worked hard behind the scenes were left hanging with the coordinator left to deal with the aftermath.

To any formal representatives of Gotti Promotion: feel free to add information if you feel it’s lacking. Any response is going to only help your image since right now a lot of fighters and their teams are feeling very left in the dark about this.

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~ by fatsoking on April 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “Apocalix – Never Happened”

  1. Thank you Mike, for your support and friendship. As you very well know i have worked so hard to make this happen, so hard….for months, working till 5am in the morning and sweating blood to make my dream come true. There is not much I can say right now for obvious reasons, but as soon as the picture will clear itself I will let everybody know. Gotti contated me swearing that he didnt take the money, he just took off cause he coulndt take the stress anylonger….I dont want to comment on that, I am myself very confused…then if he didnt take the money, where the hell is it?? and most importantly who took it? the only thing I know is that I was left alone to deal with a wave of anger and questions of which of course I did not have answers. I was so scared and the only thing I wanted to do was for everybody to leave me alone because my heart was broken in a 1000 pieces, this was my creature, my first event, and it was dead….but I held my position, head high and faced everything that was thrown at me with the max professionality possible. And I did NOT run. I have nothing more to add for now. I am very sorry for what happened and I wont make the same mistake again.
    Kind Regards.
    Tyrine Zannon (co-promoter Apocalix)

  2. DAMN! What a shame. Another Muaythai scandal. I am sorry on your behalft Tyrine: things like this must be REALLY horrible to deal with.
    I sincerely hope that you get to the buttom of this so that your name is 100 % cleared and you can continue the path of your dreams!

    BEST of luck with it all!

  3. Thank u, luckly my name is 100% cleared, everybody understood that I had nothing to do with what had happened and I am investigating to get to the bottom of this mess. I am very happy to have the support and friendship of evry1 that was there and of people that was not. Like u! I will update you with all the news as i get them. Thank you again.

  4. I don’t find it likely that the money evaporated into the mist. Any more than I am able to suspend disbelief that Gotti has no idea where his own money went. This makes him look pretty bad and by his own distancing from his own event he’s not bringing any information out. I do genuinely feel for Tyrine facing a host of angry sponsors and fighters and their teams by herself while being out her own considerable fianancial investment.

  5. Agree!

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