WCK Muay Thai May 29,2010 Quick Results!

By Mike LNg

Looks like Baxter Humby will have to make room on his shoulders for a new title.

Baxter wins the WBC Muay Thai National Title

WBC Muaythai United States Super Welterweight Title:

Baxter Humby beats Harris Norwood via Unanimous Decision

IKKC Muaythai Welterweight Bout :

Shane Oblonsky beats Joey Pagliuso via KO at 0:36 of Round 3

IAMTF United States Welterweight Title:

Artem Sharoshkin beats Ozzie Venegas via Unanimous Decision

IAMTF California Cruiserweight Title:

Dave Nielsen beats Jason Rzepka via KO at 0:13 of Round 3

IAMTF Welterweight Bout:

Chris Minor beats Roy Corona via Split Decision

IAMTF Welterweight Bout:

Beto Rodriguez beats Prudencio Portillo via Split Decision

IAMTF Female Featherweight Bout:

Tiffany van Soest vs Melinda Tyler (Tyler No Show)

IAMTF Super Cruiserweight Bout:

Robert Wendinge beats Steve Kuo via Unanimous Decision

IAMTF Super Featherweight Bout:

Robert Zatarain beats Johnathan Puu via KO at 1:57 of Round 2

IAMTF Super Lightweight Bout:

Tigran Martirosyan beats Artee Panghongkeow via Unanimous Decision


Scott Venrick beats Carlos Otiano via Unanimous Decision

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~ by fatsoking on June 1, 2010.

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