Explosion Fight Night Vol.1

By Mike LNg

A new event is enroute June 19th, 2010 in Brest, France and it looks like this event too will feature many of Team Nasser K’s premier Thaiboxers.

Explosion Fight Night poster

Sanctioning is provided for this event by the WPMF. The WPMF (World Professional Muaythai Federation) is a federation acting as an intermediary in finding, organizing tournaments and Thai boxing and K-1. The WPMF control and regulate the various events hosting fights at continental or global.

It is the only federation to be recognized by the Thai Ministry. It was the first federation to organize fights between Thai and foreign boxers premises, and fully intends to continue to bring the art of Thai boxing in the world. The WPMF is recognized in France.

The federation has a European branch, which is represented by Denis Marie Cintura (Chairman) and Alan Kermorvan (Vice-Chairman). The card as I know it thus far is as follows:

Champion of Europe K-1 Rules WPMF  -72. 5kg

Karim Ghajji (Meaux – Team El Quandili) vs Yassin Baitar (Belgique – Team Direcki)

Champion of Europe Thai Rules WPMF  -75kg

Aiello Batonon (Brest – TBCB) vs Kevin Haas (Luxembourg – Team Haas) La revanche

Explosion Tournament Max Vol.1 (K-1 rules, 71kg, 3×3)

Abdallah Mabel (St Fons – Team Nasser K.)

Ludovic Millet (Meaux – CS Meaux AP)

Morad Sahli (Belgique – Redhwaks)

Sudsakorn (Thaïlande – Its Showtime)

Champion of France K-1 Pro FFSCDA 5×3,  -61.5kg

Mickael Peynaud (Paris – Team Centvint) vs Karim Bennoui (St Fons – Team Nasser K.)

Champion of Europe K-1 WPMF, -72,5 kg

Karim Ghajji from Team El Quandili

Yassin Baitar from Team Direcki

Champion of Europe Thai WPMF  -75 kg

Aiello Batonon from TBCB

Kevin Haas from Team Haas

Explosion Tournament Max Vol.1 Semi-Final (K1, 71 kg, 3×3)

Abdallah Mabel from Team Nasser K.

Morad Sahli from Friends Gym

Explosion Tournamen Max Vol.1 Semi-Final (K1, 71 kg, 3×3)

Ludovic Millet from CS Meaux AP

Sudsakorn from Freelance

Champion of France K-1 PRO FFSCDA (5×3, -61,5 kg)

Mickael Peynaud from Team Centvint

Karim Bennoui from Team Nasser K.

Explosion Tournament Max Vol.1 Final (K1, 71 kg, 3×3)

Pre-event tickets can be bought via paypal here. For in person purchasing the following parties may be contacted:

Victor Hugo, 48 Rue Victor Hugo, 29200 Brest
Banzai Games , 10 Rue Louis Pasteur, 29200 Brest
Celtic, 30 Rue de la Fontaine Blanche, 29800 Landerneau

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~ by fatsoking on June 3, 2010.

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