Cosmo Alexandre Readies for MMA

by Mike LNg

Cosmo Alexandre

Just got this news via an interview Cosmo Alexandre just did with Tatame’s Portuguese language edition.

It’s a pretty good interview and Cosmo answers about his thoughts on now preparing for an MMA fight career as well as Brazil’s Muay Thai scene.

Cosmo looks for the submission

Here’s basically what I managed to glean from the excellent interview:

  • Cosmo will definitely continue fighting with Show Time
  • Cosmo still prefers Full Muay Thai rules to kickboxing or K-1
  • Cosmo is training diligently in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Diego Sebastian and Marcelo Nigue
  • He said he could become a dual sport combat athlete as his gym mates Melvin Manhoef is done.
  • K-1 is not something he interested due to the weight constraint of 70kg and Cosmo fights any where from 72kg to 77kg

Cosmo diligently training his ground game

For those of you who are new to Cosmo Alexandre.  Cosmo is fairly unique in being a true nak muay from Brazil.  Cosmo has fought and won the WPMF championship and is King’s Cup winner as well.  Cosmo spent a great deal of time cultivating his skill in Muay Thai in Thailand. Between Cosmo Alexandre and Leo Monteiro, the two have effectively put Brazil on the map as a nation to watch for developing new Muay Thai talent.

Overall it was a great interview and Cosmo Alexandre still comes across as gracious and honest as he did in our first interview. Ultimately he said he would like to get a champion strap at the UFC. Pretty big news and pretty good read.  It would be pretty crazy having a UFC competitor with bonafide set of Muay Thai skills and credibility.

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~ by fatsoking on July 2, 2010.

One Response to “Cosmo Alexandre Readies for MMA”

  1. I love Cosmo, he is a great fighter and a very nice guy, I am very happy you wrote about him Mike, I will forward him your piece 100%. Keep up the fantastic job my friend. Ciao xxxxxxxx

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