The Bronze Circle (Hator ‘Nator Cycle) – Strength Training for Warriors

Fitness is not an often covered topic here.  But frequent commenter and reader Thomas Larsen came out with a workout routine well suited to strength training without the typical limitations of weight training and more suited to the mobility demands of Muay Thai. Much thanks to Thomas “Larsenator” Larsen for sharing the contribution. And having tried just one cycle of this bronze circle I rapidly found out why he dubbed it the ‘Hator ‘nator cycle’  – Mike LNg

Thomas "Larsenator" Larsen, photo by Martin Krog

By Thomas “Larsenator” Larsen

These days we are blessed in Denmark with a summer that can be best described as a heat wave. Loads of people don’t like it as it makes it hard to sleep and our houses are not really prepared for this kind of weather but I LOVE it. Why? It makes it even more challenging to train out in the country side which is what I love doing.

I’m preparing for a way different war than my previous Muay Thai fights and today I did a cycle which stems from the Danish army but I added some extra exercises to make it even more complete. The so called Bronze Circle consists of eight exercises using your own body weight:

  1. Four chin-ups
  2. Eight one legged squats on the left leg
  3. Twelve crunches
  4. Eight one legged squats on the right leg
  5. Ten push ups
  6. Ten reaction exercises
  7. Twelve back extensions
  8. Twelve squats with jumping claps of the hand (in military circles referred to as the ‘Monkey Fucker’. In this exercise this is performed United States Marine Crops style. Start standing up, legs slightly spread. Drop to a crouch, hands touching the ground; kick legs back, balancing on your hands (now you’re in pushup position, more or less); kick legs forward into the crouch again, stand up and reach for the sky and jump.

For a video illustration of the army variant of the time-honored army  ‘monkey fucker’  please see the following video:

The basic idea is to start with number one and work through to number eight and then repeat until all eight exercises have been carried out three times – in under twelve minutes. This is basically the foundation of the Bronze Circle.

Now this doesn’t look very hard on paper but try it and you will probably have a hard time doing it under twelve minutes if one is even able to make it past the second round!

Since I wanted it a bit more hardcore and I think it lacks certain body areas I added four more exercises hence the Hator ‘Nator Cycle was born – here goes:

  1. Four chin-ups
  2. Six side crunches, left side
  3. Eight one legged squats on the left leg
  4. Twelve crunches
  5. Six dips
  6. Eight one legged squats on the right leg
  7. Six side crunches, right side
  8. Ten push ups
  9. Ten reaction exercises
  10. Four pull-ups (overhand grip)
  11. Twelve leg raises
  12. Twelve back extensions
  13. Twelve squat jumps with arms clapping (in military circles referred to as the ‘Monkey Fucker’)

The idea is (for me at least – you can vary and experiment as you wish) to make it through three cycles/rounds the first time and then work your way up to more repetitions and more rounds. A video example of the normal bronze circle is below.

The phrase ‘Body weight exercises’ is actually just another phrase for Calisthenics and it is a cheap way of building muscle strength for Muaythai as well as any combat related activities. The reason why I find these sorts of exercises fit combat sports perfectly is because you do not gain a lot of muscle weight hence a fighter can stay in the weight class he naturally belongs in!

Please remember to never exercise alone and always bring plenty of water and a complete R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) kit for on the spot first aid. If you have any concerns about safety also be sure to consult a physician first before attempting any of the workouts contained here.

Happy training.

About Thomas “Larsenator” Larsen:

Thomas ‘Larsenator’ Larsen is a former Muay Thai fighter from Denmark and a Danish Army sergeant who has fought internationally in Muay Thai, karate, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He also works for notable media companies such as Eurosport, Canal+ etc. as their specialist combat sports commentator.
His work has been published in Portugal, the Czech Republic, USA, the UK, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, France, Japan to name just a few.

The Larsenator Kicks it in the Ring, photo by Martin Krog

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~ by fatsoking on July 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Bronze Circle (Hator ‘Nator Cycle) – Strength Training for Warriors”

  1. Nice, I’m going to give this a try, 12 minutes is about all I have free these days!

  2. Don’t worry mate: I’m 39 and can do it in eight minuttes after being back in training for only two months. 😀

  3. Larsenator, you truly have skills, this sir, is intense! Very deserving of your name!

  4. Thank you VERY much mate! REALLY appreciate it! 🙂

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