WCK Muay Thai Substitutions for August 28th Show

By Mike LNg

WCK Card

Australian Joanna MacEachern will be on the WCK Muay Thai August, 28th fight card substituting for SuJeong Lim (out with a shoulder injury. Joanna Mac Eachern will instead fight Jeri Sitzes for a WBC MuayThai International Title. Joanna brings to the ring three Australian National championship titles in two weight categories and experience of fighting in Thailand.

Scotty Ray Leffler well also be out in August due to a training injury as well. Replacing Scotty will be Shane Oblonsky against Cool Heart’s Justin Greskiewicz.

For the rest of the WCK August card see this post.

~ by fatsoking on August 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “WCK Muay Thai Substitutions for August 28th Show”

  1. horrible, horrible card. i would love to see su jeong though.

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