Lumpinee Kerkkrai 2010

By Mike LNg

Lumpinee Kerkkrai

The Muay Thai promoters of Bangkok are busy again.  There appears to be some very serious efforts in Thailand by the promoters to go above and beyond to rebuild some of the income and interest in Muay Thai after the red shirt protest put a financial dent into an already ailing Muay Thai scene. Suk Kiatpetch is promoting this year’s Lumpinee Kerkrai championship event. The event is set to happen September 3, 2010 and is boasted as one of the best events in the past 10 years.

The lineup for the card has been announced as (you can also click the poster image for a much bigger version of the lineup):

Wanchalong Sith-sonong VS.Kamlaiyok K.Romsrithong 111/ 113 pounds for the vacant title Super flyweight of Lumpinee stadium
Neungthep Iminent air VS. Pornsawan Lukprabat 115 pounds
Mongkonchai Skindew gym VS. Veerachai V.Viwatthananon 112 pounds
Tuktathong Chengcimoil gym VS.Noppakit Namplatrahoimuk 129 pounds
Denkiree S.Sommai VS. Sitthisak Chengcimoil gym 128 pounds
Petchtawee S.Kitthichai VS. Farmai Skindew gym 126 pounds
Pakorn Sakyothin VS.PenEk Sithnumnoi 126 pounds to defend the  Superfeather weight championship of Lumpinee
Petchboonchu F.A.Group VS. Sakeddaw Petchprayathai 130 pounds for the vacant title Super lightweight of Thailand champion
Bakjo Kiatchuthai VS. Ikkyusan K.Rungtanakiat 140 pounds
Jaipetch Jitmuangnon VS. Kanongsuk S.Srithong 100 pounds

~ by fatsoking on August 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Lumpinee Kerkkrai 2010”

  1. man i wish i was over there for this one. petch + sakeddaw sounds awesome.

    what does kerkkrai mean in thai? any idea?

  2. Who are the generals and VIPs/promoters on the poster fighting? 😛

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