Sitsongpeenong Camp Responds to WMC situation in Australia

By Mike LNg

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There has been much accusations coming forward towards the released emails coming out of Australia about and against John Cockburn speaking out against World Muaythai Council (WMC).  To any who doubt the letters authenticity let me just say I have first hand viewed the headers they came from and can vouch that they are indeed authentic. As is typical with scenarios like this the circling of wagons has begun by the WMC’s devoted followers in Australia.  Interestingly enough Sitsongpeenong who have felt WMC’s injustice firsthand have spoken out. This is what Sitsongpeenong have had to say about the entire topic:

Some very interesting reading that should be posted on the International Kickboxer Forum. Unfortunately, all posts deemed NEGATIVE towards IFMA or the WMC are more than likely promptly removed/deleted by the moderators who run that site. Whom also have a close ties with certain persons from the fore mentioned bodies.

Here are some FACTS concerning the Thai Government’s relationship to WMC and other sanctioning bodies.

Firstly, the WMC claims that it is under the directive of the Thai Government. Well this is true in part – the rules and regulations for Muaythai that they follow are set out by the Sports Authority of Thailand and they are recognized by the Thai Government.

What the WMC would like to everyone around the world to believe is that they are the SOLE sanctioning body recognized by the Thai Government. However, this simply is not the case as there are SEVERAL other sanctioning bodies also recognized by the Thai Government. The WPMF and WBC Muaythai to name but two. Both could also claim to be under the directive of the Thai Government as both also follow the rules and regulations set out by the Sports Authority of Thailand and both are also registered with and recognized by the Thai Government. No need to mention both also have close ties with influential people in the Thai Government and Royalty.

Secondly, by Thai law, all professional Boxers (of all styles) who are Thai citizens must first be granted permission before they are legally allowed to go and fight abroad. To be legally granted permission the said boxer must firstly apply to the Professional Boxers Association of Thailand (which also runs the WPMF) for Permission. Once permission is granted the application is then forwarded to the Boxing Board of Control which is a department of the Sports Authority of Thailand. Failure to comply to these laws could result in bans, suspensions, legally prosecution, etc.

This is the only LEGALLY RECOGNIZED permission that the Thai Government gives to professional fighters wishing to travel overseas for competition. What the WMC approves or what agreements they have with certain embassies or countries are merely agreements between their sanctioning body and that country. Such agreements have no legal bearing in Thailand nor do they have anything to do with the Thai Government.

It must be made clear that the WMC is a PRIVATE organization and not part of the Thai Government. It is one of SEVERAL private sanctioning bodies which operate in Thailand. ALL such sanctioning bodies are recognized by the Thai Government and are legally operated under the rules and regulations of the Sports Authority of Thailand. The Boxing Board of Control governs ALL Boxing and Muaythai in Thailand. All sanctioning bodies, federations, etc fall under the control of this board.

If you were to say anyone organization had the legal authority or were under the directive of the Thai Government to run Muaythai in Thailand then it would be the Boxing Board of Control and that is because it is PART of the THAI GOVERNMENT.

Just to set the facts straight!

~ by fatsoking on August 31, 2010.

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