Sport Accord Muay Thai Finals 2010 Results

By Mike LNg


The results of the finals from the SportAccord combat games including Muay Thai have now been made official from SportAccord.

A 17:00 54 kg Men Gold Medal Bout

MAR – ZINE Abderrahmane vs THA – PALEENARAM Sattra. Abderrahmane wins via points

A Followed By 57 kg Men Gold Medal Bout

UKR – LIUBCHENKO Igor vs THA – CHANKHUNTHOD Witsanu. Libuchenko wins Official WP 3 : 2

A Followed By 51 kg Women Gold Medal Bout

ESP – FERNANDEZ Eva vs TUR – SAN Oslem. Fernandez wins by points 5 : 0

A Followed By 63.5 kg Men Gold Medal Bout

THA – TANJAD Panupan vs UZB – KHOLMURATOV Firdavsiy. Panupan wins by points 5 : 0

A Followed By 67 kg Men Gold Medal Bout

GBR – DICKS Michael vs THA – INUDOM Jeerasak Official. Jeerasak wins on points  5:0

A Followed By 54 kg Women Gold Medal Bout

CAN – SUTHERLAND Misty Dawn vs FIN – HEINO Milja. Heino wins on points 4:1

A Followed By 71 kg Men Gold Medal Bout

SWE – OBERG Marcus vs THA – DEE Teerapong. Teerapong wins on points in a close 3:2.

A Followed By 75 kg Men Gold Medal Bout

RUS – LEVIN Artem vs THA – PHORAT Yodthanong Official WP 3 : 2. Levin wins in a narrow points decision 3:2. (Phorat is Yodsaenklai’s birth name)

A Followed By 60 kg Women Gold Medal Bout

AUS – LEWIS Caley vs PER – SHEVCHENKO Valentina. Shenchenko wins by points 5-0.

A Followed By 81 kg Men Gold Medal Bout

CAN – MARCUS Simon vs RUS – VAKHITOV Artem Official Simon wins on points 4 : 1

A Followed By 91 kg Men Gold Medal Bout

CHN – WANG Wen Zhong vs BLR – HANCHARONAK Dzianis. Dzianis wins on points 3:2.

Now here’s Yodsaneklai Vs. Artem Levin at the SportAccord:

~ by fatsoking on September 4, 2010.

6 Responses to “Sport Accord Muay Thai Finals 2010 Results”

  1. that was a disgrace,the russian was crap,and yodsaenkai was a waste of way did these guys deserve to be fighting for gold!

  2. Levin fought smart, used his reach to smother Yod’s view, sneaky elbows.

    Yod seemed perplexed that his kicks didn’t have the same effect with shin pads. That’s why Levin kept catching. Such is the fight game with padding.

    • He did fight smart. I just question this entire premise of pro versus pro under IFMA’s banner. Interesting to view the team representing Canada seems to all be from Calgary and from Mike Miles, the man who would be king of Canada.

  3. There were only 3 fighters from Canada. 2 from Miles, 1 from Suchart. Several others were invited from other teams and declined to attend.

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