Fight Sports Champions Trophy Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Fight Sport Champions' Trophy

Despite some last minute lineup changes Dan Green succeeds in another high profile UK show.  Fight Sport Industries staged a very ambitious 8-man tournament with full Muay Thai rules and this time it was with some newer UK talent, a place rich in standout Muay Thai talent to begin with. By the initial looks of it this card was a very strong showing especially for the inaugural show from this promotion. I have to say there is some anticipation about what comes next but Fight Sport Events definitely is going into a a direction that will likely grow with this 1st card.

Quarter Final 1

Kevin Harper (Majestic) v Liam Robinson (Pra Chao Sua)

Liam Robinson wins via decision

Quarter Final 2

Kerrith Bhella (Firewalker) v Thomas McCormick (Wicker Camp). Thomas McCormick wins by KO in round 3

Quarter Final 3

Andre Kotsur (Kick Fighters, Belarus) v Tim ‘TNT’ Thomas (Naksoo)

Andre Kostur wins despite being new to the bigger weight class.

Quarter Final4

Dave Copestake (K Star) v Craig Dickson (SMTC)

Copestake wins

Semi Final 1

McCormick wins over Robinson

Semi Final 2

Kostur wins over Copestake


Kostur wins over McCormick

Other results from super bouts

Damien Trainor wins in his WMC MAD super bout against Gianpietro Marceddu via KO.

Sunny Hira wins against Rajesh Sallan, apparently Sallan broke his ankle during this fight.

Rob Horrocks won his fight against Richard Waller on points

Dean James wins over Giang Hoang who was knocked down twice during the fight.

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