Enfusion 1st Episode Streamed Video

By Mike LNg

Enfusion Blue Team

Just in case you missed it the first episode of It’s Showtime’s Enfusion reality TV show has been put online in streaming format. In case you had not heard much about Enfusion:  Enfusion is according to its own site:

Enfusion’s “Test of the Champions” is the next installment of Martial Arts Production Europe (MAPE), back with a new name, new production crew and new concept, to take another step forward in Martial Arts entertainment. Enfusion will welcome top athletes from east and west to compete in their specially built facility for prize money. Enfusion set about finding eighteen (18) of the best athletes, in the exciting 70 kilo division, to represent their country for the next installment. These athletes will be placed into four teams selected by their team captains. The teammates will need to work together and help one another to prepare for their elimination fights. These top athletes will enter the proving ground of the Petch Buncha stadium in Koh Samui, Thailand known for its history of exciting local matches. Now the Petch Buncha stadium will host world class athletes from around the world. All participants compete for their chance to move on, to Enfusion’s European event. Two elimination contests will determine the final four competitors which will advance to the prize money round. The winner will receive 40 000 USD, second place will receive 10 000 USD and 5 000 USD for third and fourth places. We wish the best of luck to all competitors and our thanks for taking part.

FIGHTERS: Pajonsuk (Thailand), Rick Barnhill (England), Armen Petrosian (Italy), Vuyisile Colossa (South Africa), Mikael Lallemand (France), Cyrus Washington (USA), Sucz Barnabas (Romania), Sahin ‘Kaas’ Yakut (Turkey), Goran Aleksic (Serbia), Jan Van Denderen (Belgium), Steve Moxon (Australia), Pasi Lukanen (Finland), Mirko Vorkapic (Slovenia), Bruno Carvalho (Portugal), Alex Tobiasson (Sweden), Frank Peredes (Peru), Shane Campbell (Canada), Gago Drago (Armenia).

COACHES: Titiana van Polanen (Netherlands), Bernise Alldis (England), Catarina Valerio (Portugal), Eva Berben (Belgium)

To view the 1st episode click here: http://www.rtl.nl/components/videorecorder/23/235172/235173/235174.s4m.35802217.Enfusion_s1_a1.xml

~ by fatsoking on September 21, 2010.

9 Responses to “Enfusion 1st Episode Streamed Video”


  2. not even real muay thai…

  3. It’s kickboxing no matter how you put it and it could also be said that ironically many of them have never done any MT.

    Checked the video and it’s not one bit any better than the first season and THAT was HORRIBLE. GOD I was almost embarrassed when I did the commentary for Eurosport!!!

  4. i liked the first episode,the fight with Cyrus Washington looked real enough to me,ok no elbows,knees to the head and spinning back fists but the rest was enough muay thai for me.where do we get the other episodes from??

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