Kevin Ross Official Contacts

By Mike LNg
This post is not exactly news but more of an FYI post as apparently there has been some confusion on how to contact Kevin Ross and his team.  Kevin Ross is not and has not been at Toddy’s gym in Las Vegas for some time.  Kevin also gracefully granted a interview on this very site. The useful statistics are below:

Kevin Ross

Muay Thai

Amateur Record – 16 Wins 1 Loss

Pro Record – 15 Wins (7 KO) 5 Losses

Participated in Thai Fight winning his quarter final fight.


Amateur Record – 2 Wins 0 Losses

Professional Record – 1 Win 1 Loss

San Shou

Record – 2 wins 0 losses

Mixed Martial Arts

Record – 0 wins 1 loss


WBC muay thai international super lightweight champion

WBC muay thai national welterweight champion

USMTA super lightweight champion

National champion of Mexico welterweight

The best choices for contacting Kevin Ross and his team are as follows:
For Kevin Ross:
For fight booking Mark Beecher:

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