Eli Maddigan Versus Harlee Avison

By Mike LNg

Evolution 22

Eli Madigan Vs Harlee Avison at Evolution 22. The two middleweight Australian standout Thaiboxers face each other at the November 27th, 2010 event. I forget who requested this but thanks for waiting and being patient.

~ by fatsoking on January 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Eli Maddigan Versus Harlee Avison”

  1. love watching eli fight, great hands. monsterous upper body too, dudes like an upside ‘V.’

    good show from harlee, def a big heart. i think if he stuck with knees and ripped leg kicks, it woulda payed off. i also think if i was in the ring with eli, i would get smashed soooo…

    • Harlee is coming up nicely and is definitely one to watch. His father has some involvement with a gym based out of Phuket and I understand harlee has more than adequate time there to enhance his skills.

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