Muay Thai Expands Cooperation in Europe

By Mike LNg

Nak Muay at work

Ties seem to be increasing between Europe (specifically the UK and Thailand) for Muay Thai.

Peera Fongdawirat, vice-administrator of SAT, department of professional sports and privilege said that the office of boxing committee considered this  cooperation as beneficial. The ambitious undertaking includes:

  1. Make a standard Muaythai connection in England and Europe
  2. help standardize Muaythai trainers in foreign countries and make it more possible for them to work legally. Currently, there are many ex-boxers and Muaythai trainers teaching in foreign countries. This will help create income for personnel of Muaythai society.
  3. standardize foreign Muaythai institute
  4. exchange professional personnel (sportsmen and trainers) and support Thailand tourism
  5. open standardized Muaythai martial art course inside and outside of the country
  6. conserve Muaythai martial art as the uniqueness of international Muaythai

Mr.Peera explained that he has to travel to the conference of curriculum development and sign the contract of such cooperation in July-August at Manchester, England. He will also inspect the activities and Muaythai administration in Switzerland and France as the information for further development.

In my opinion this new cooperation can be a big positive so long as Thai powers avoid the temptation to create foreign power dominion in other countries. That has proven to be a pitfall for many such as the WMC lately.  The potential for this to be a very good thing for Muay Thai will hopefully outweigh some of the inherent dangers if this is not executed properly.


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~ by fatsoking on August 11, 2010.

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