Villaume wins at Maxi Fight 2

By Mike L Ng

Maxi Fight 2 took place on October 15th, and in the main event Mickael Piscitello edge out a decision over Thanongdeth. Read below for the entire results of the Maxi Fight 2 event.

Farid Villaume

Mickael Piscitello def. Thanongdeth via Decision (WPMF World Championship)
Johane Beausejour def. Samuel Andoche via KO in Rd. 2 (WPMF Intercontinental Championship)
Valin Expedito def. Khada Redouani via KO in Rd. 1
Farid Villaume def. Moussa Konate via Decision
Mickael Lallemand def. Johnny Tancray via KO in Rd. 5
Yuksel Ayaydin def. Abderahmane Coulibaly via Decision
Mickael Fancoise def. Mikael de Olivera via KO in Rd. 1
Manu Payet def. Frederic Depeindray D’Ambel via KO in Rd. 4

~ by fatsoking on October 25, 2010.

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