Duel At the Dome Coming November

By Mike LNg

Duel at the Dome

Dan Green and Fight Sport Industries return to bring another full rules Muay Thai event to the United Kingdom. Returning to action will be Simon Chu who we last saw in action at the MSA Muay Thai Premier League in Manchester where he picked up the UKMF middleweight strap. Dan Green will again be leveraging his international contacts and will be importing some of Holland’s own Vos gym fighters to make his card complete. This event takes place at Doncaster, UK November 27th, 2010.  The card known thus far is as follows:

Simon Chu (Kiatphontip) vs Cedric Bacuna (Vos Gym)

Imran Khan (Wicker and recently fought on the Toyota Cup) vs Andy Thrasher (Manchester)

Helene Garnett (Wicker, Doncaster) vs Orinta Van Der Zee (Vos Gym)

Dean James (Pra Chao Sua) vs Ilias El Hajoui

Mehdi Feroozi (Wicker) vs Marc Sargeant (Studio 2000)

John Aong (Chang Kow, Doncaster) vs Ant Ferguson (Minotaurs)

Paige Farrington (WKS) vs Rupsana Bequn (KO London)

James Ogden (Wicker) vs Mike Clarke (Tobins)

There is even a trailer up now for the event and it does indicate that Fight Sport Industries have been gathering ample amounts of footage perhaps enough to even do another DVD of their events. It looks like this particular event will get SKY Sports coverage.  Presumably ticket information will be available at the official Fight Sport Events web site. A video trailer for the event has been posted for viewing below.

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