Buakaw Versus Shishido, Souwer Versus Bovy at S-Cup

By Mike LNg

S-Cup 2010

Shootboxing announced the brackets for their upcoming 2010 S-Cup on November 23, and there is some very good looking fights at least on paper in store.

Previously, announced was Buakaw Por Pramuk’s long awaited return to action in Japan. Hiroki Shishido who Buakaw took out in fast decisive fashion back in 2006 in K-1 MAX, will have a chance for redemption. Apparently Shishido is set on revenge and this time the rules favor Shishido under Shootboxing rules which includes throws and standing submissions. In his off time from Shootboxing Shishido has kept himself busy in the past fighting in China under sanda rules.

It’s apparent to me at least that Buakaw’s drive and explosiveness has faded somewhat since 2006 but the level Buakaw fights at and has fought at remains quite a bit higher than Shishido’s.

Defending S-Cup champion Andy Souwer is set to fight Thai brawler Bovy Sor. Udomson. Souwer notably finished his last opponent in Shootboxing by a very decisive rear choke submission. The end was shocking both in Souwer electing to go to submission and the relative ease and speed with which he finished the fight. Bovy is a notable brawler who developed an international following by gutting out toe to toe battles sometimes for a win and sometimes not. Bovy always made fights exciting with his Gatti-like willingness to trade heavy leather at close range. Souwer should and likely will win this one but Bovy can always be counted on for making fights exciting with his relentless headfirst style.

Australian Shootboxing champion Greg Foley will make his entry into Shootboxing’s 2010 S-Cup. Foley had previously been choked out by Shishido but returns to this S-Cup tournament to face Henri van Opstal.

Semi-finals shake out with some intriguing possiblities following the quarter finals:

Souwer/Bovy winner v. Umeno/Bennett,

Buakaw/Shishdo v. Foley/van Opstal.

~ by fatsoking on November 17, 2010.

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