Kevin Ross Defeats Malaipet and King’s Birthday USA Quick Results

By Mike LNg

King's Birthday USA

Here are some initial results of King’s Birthday Celebration fights from Commerce, California.  I will continue updating this post as more information becomes available.

Kevin Ross defeats Malaipet by unanimous decision.

Victor Acosta KOs Oscar Sanchez 1st round.

Joe Schilling defeats Chaz Mulkey

Glen Spence defeats Jason Nelson

Mario Martinez defeats David Huerta.  Reportedly, Huerta was ahead and doing well and passed out in the midst of the fight. Though also reportedly, he is now home and in good health and spirits.

~ by fatsoking on December 6, 2010.

7 Responses to “Kevin Ross Defeats Malaipet and King’s Birthday USA Quick Results”

  1. Yea, David Huerta didn’t know he had diabetes. Apparently his sugar levels were really high, causing him to pass out. He was doing really well; when he passed out, everyone was puzzled.

    Good to hear he is fine tho. I hope there is a re-match.

  2. holy shit, what a way to find out you have diabetes.

    i hope theres a ross v malaipet video soon. i knew he would take it!

  3. 1. Jonathan Puu 3rd Round U. Decision over Victor Jung

    2. Matt Ortiz 3rd Round U. Decision over Elliot Wright

    3. Marie Kim 3rd Round S. Decision over Cindy Codero

    4. Jessie Magusen 3rd Round TKO over Ray Hov

    5. Victor Acosta 1st Round KO over Oscar Sanchez

    6. Mario Martinez 3rd Round Def David Huerta for Belt (David Collapsed)

    7. Joe Schilling 3rd Round TKO over Chaz Mulkey for belt.

    8. Kevin Ross 5th Round U. Decision over Malaipet Sitpraprom for belt.

    9. Adan Gonzalez 1st Round TKO over Mike Grover.

    10. Glen Spencer 2nd Round TKO over Jason Nelson.

    11. Don’t know the names of the two ladies who fought for the belt on this one.

  4. I remember back in the Thai- & Kickbox SuperLeague days when Malaipet told me about his lifestyle.
    We got to talk about it as he INSTANTLY threw up (on the floor about 50 feet from the ring) after fighting Fadi Merza.

    If he hasn’t changed his ways Kevin Ross basically beat an alcoholic who USED to be a world class fighter.

    I know that fighters don’t chose their opponents (very often) so I don’t blame Ross and I think it’s totally cool that the US has an internationally strong Muaythai fighter – not just some above the waist full contact fighter CLAIMING to be a Muaythai fighter. Much respect Mr. Ross.

    But at the end of the day Mal has been washed up for almost ten years and he certainly doesn’t mind admitting it himself.

    I’d like to see Ross fight some of the internationally big names as he deserves it and it would be far more interesting than seeing him fight a guy who should be sitting ring side with a large beer!

    • I am not disagreeing with a thing you said but in my humble opinion: Ross beat Malaipet more than Malaipet lost his fight for him. And keep in mind this is still after Malaipet stepped way over the agreed upon weight and refused to even attempt to lose the weight. Kevin took the fight after the big weight disparity and also in my opinion definitively won every single round the 2 of them fought.

  5. I didn’t even know about the weight. MAAAN Mal needs to hang up the gloves NOW! :/

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