Thai Fight First Round The Entire Event

By Mike LNg

Thai Fight 1st Round

The entire 1st Round of Thai Fight has made it to youtube thanks to generous youtube poster Hassmalim. While I can appreciate the better production values the 90s American style numetal added to traditional Thai music leaves much to be desired but the effort is without question there. Some very decent well matched fights on here though and even better ones look in store for the 2nd round of Thai Fight.

Fabio Pinca Vs Sharos Huyer

Liam Harrison Vs Bezhan Rafighoust

Petchmunkong Petchfocus Vs Zhou Hongzhang

Rafi Zouheir Vs Bartosz Koscielniak

Jason Lea Vs Youssef Boughanem

Fikri Arican Vs Soishiro Miyakoshi

Anthony Kane Vs Saladhine Ait Naceur

Vitaly Gurkov Vs Jong Hyun Ko

~ by fatsoking on September 6, 2010.

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