Muay Thai Warriors Coming to Macau Dec.9th, 2012 – Kamen Picken Is Real

By Mike LNg

Muay Thai Warriors

Muaythai Warriors in Macau comes on the 9th of December, 2012. And it looks like a great card to close out the year.  I can only hope more of the fights make it to broadcast than the last outing. The card has changed somewhat with some titles changed and some names added and subtracted from this event.

Vacant Muaythai Warriors title Lightweight

Michael Kiatbussaba VS.Deng Si Chi  65 kg.

Vacant Muaythai Warriors title Super Featherweight

Seeoui Sorsunantachai VS.Stephen Meleady 59kg.

Vacant Muaythai Warriors title Super Welterweight

Bovy Sor.Udomson VS. Andy Thrasher  70 kg.

Defending title Muaythai Warriors Welterweight

Saenchai PK Seanchai gym VS. Liam Harrison 65kg

Lakhai Orboonchoi VS. Edu Lafuente  67 kg.

Thanwalek KelaSport VS.Kamen Picken 65 kg.

Chusuan Suvit Gym VS. Arturo Lin 63.5 kg.

Petchtaood Winittanaikwam VS. Chambers Nathaniel 72 kg.

It has maybe not been noted enough and I am shocked about one fighter in particular. And that one Thaiboxer is Kamen Picken. This is one remarkable fighter and a remarkable story.

Kamen Picken

Kamen originates out of Warrington Thaiboxing and is now the age of 18 and already has 30 plus Muay Thai wins out of 36 fights or so. With already a good number of bouts under his belt and at a very high level of competition, Kamen is definitely one to pay attention to. And get this, 15 of those fights Kamen won by a TKO or KO. Yes, this young nak muay hailing from the United Kingdom is the goods.  He’s not a greatly hyped or marketed fighter without substance.  What he is, is impressive. He started fighting in Thailand 6 years ago which, yes would have made him 12 years old. In boxing circles the term that could apply to Kamen is “slept on”.  There’s a lot of hype surrounding fighters: some with substance and some without. Kamen has substance.

Among all the big names on this already very looked forward to card Kamen is one I am paying close attention to. If you’ve never seen what Kamen can do in the ring check this clip out below of Kamen fighting at the 2012 King’s Cup in Thailand.

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