Super Show Down 2-19-11 Full Card

By Mike LNg

Michael Dicks scheduled to face Samingprai

This weekend SuperShowDown happens in Scotland with main event fighter Michael Dicks set to face Samingprai.  In the past Michael Dicks has won the UKMF English title, British title, SIMTA British title and WMC Intercontinental title. Ultimately Michael Dicks has said that he’d like a chance to revenge his loss against top level nak muay Andrei Kulebin from Belarus. In their previous bout Kulebin KOed Dicks in the first round.

The rest of the card has very solid looking match ups on paper, which to me has always been the mark of a good card: well matched fights. Appearing in order of fights on the card are:

1. Brad Newlands (Griphouse, Caley Muay Thai). vs. Carle Alderson (Team Hanuman)

2.  Michael Roach (Carnage Muay Thai) vs. Rob Horrocks (Supergym, Leeds)

3. Darren O’Connor (TMAS) vs. Robin Downer (Douglas Muay Thai)

4. Mark Casserly (Chupasart, Dublin) vs. Ally Smith (Wossobama)

5. Will Boyle (SMTC) vs. John Douglas (Douglas Muay Thai)

6. John Dennis (Bad Company, Leeds) vs. Keith McLachlan (Eclipse Muay Thai)

7.  Timucin Yildirum (Griphouse) vs. Paul Norton (Chupasart, Dublin)

8. Davy Macintosh (Bad Company, Leeds) vs. Stevie Brown (Wossobama) for the UNited Kingdom Muaythai Federation (UKMF) British title.

9. Adrian Wedolowski (Griphouse) vs.  Keith Middleton (Aberdeen Muay Thai) for the UKMF Scottish title

10.  Liam Harrison (Bad Company, Leeds) vs. Petchasawin (Sangmorakot gym, Bangkok, Thailand)

11.  Michael Dicks (Darlington) vs. Samingprai (Kiatphontip Gym, Bangkok, Thailand)

12. Damien Trainor (K-Star, Brimingham) vs. Phetnamchai (Jitti Gym, Bangkok, Thailand)

Interesting to note that Liam Harrison will basically have back to back matches against known and dangerous Thai talent with Petchsawin first fighting Harrison this weekend.  And in April he will be rematched against Saenchai Sor Sinbi Muay Thai.

~ by fatsoking on February 18, 2011.

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