SuperShowDown Event February 19th, 2011 Scotland

By Mike LNg

Super Showdown

Just over 3 weeks remain before the Super Showdown event in February 19th, 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland. Main eventing the bill is:

Damien Trainor vs. Phetnumchai Jitti Gym. Damien is a long standing UK nak muay at K-Star Thai Boxing Academy in Birmingham. Trainor has in the past won the International Kickboxing Federation world Muay Thai title. Trainor recently won a 4th European title making him the 4 times European champion.

Liam Harrison, the recent competitor for the UK in Thai Fight is a well decorated Thaiboxer. Among Harrison’s accomplishments are the World Muaythai Council (WMC) World Muaythai Champion -61.5kg, WAKO-pro World Kickboxing Champion 62kg, and the World Professional Muaythai Federation (WPMF) World Muaythai Champion.

The card is being billed as England’s best versus Scotland’s best.

The event kicks off at the PlayDrome, Glasgow, United Kingdom.


Liam Harrison(GB) Versus at-63.5Kg Petchasawin (Tha)

Andy Howson(GB) Versus at -55Kg Wisanlek (Tha)

Damien Trainor (GB) Versus at -55Kg Phetnamchai (Tha)

Michael Dicks (GB) Versus at -67Kg Samingprai (Tha)

Robin Downer (Sco) Versus at -60Kg Darren O’Connor (GB)

Tommy Young (Sco) Versus at -66Kg Rob Horrocks (GB)

Ally Smith (Sco) Versus at -76Kg Eddie Gill (GB)

Keith McLachlan (Sco) Versus at -63.5Kg John Dennis (GB)

Timucin Yildirim (Tur) Versus at-77Kg Derek Strain (Sco)

John Douglas (Sco) Versus at -67.5Kg Kevin Hughes (Sco)

UKMF Scottish Title

Adrian Wedolowski (Pol) Versus at -71.5Kg Keith Middleton (Sco)

UKMF British Title

Davy Macintosh (Sco) Versus at -57Kg Stevie Brown (Sco)

For ticketing information please email

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