Evolution 17 Super 8!

By Fatso King

Here’s another quick note in case you don’t already know about it: Evolution 17 is happening this weekend at the Sleeman Centre. This event is brought to you by Queensland Promotions.

Evolution 17

Evolution 17 poster

Not much more to say about this.  The lineup is needless to say pretty crazy and it does make one wonder who the wild card entry will be.  Virtually all of the opponents have history with each other with Parr having already fought Dzhabar, Preacher and Cosmo and Cosmo having fought Parr, and Ekkelboom. Saturday August 29th is when it happens.  It looks like a lot of promotions are adopting the 8-man tournament style more and more. I’m not sure what the rules or format is but I am guessing it’s 3 rounds of modified Muay Thai rules.  Best wishes to all the fighters involved.

I really doubt tickets are at this point even available but see Evolution’s site for details.

Here’s my interview with Cosmo before Evolution 17.


Update as of 8/27/2009: It looks like the wild card will be Jason ‘The Malteste Mauler’ Scerri up against John Wayne Parr first. Some history here as well because  apparently both have challenged one another before.

Jason Maltese Mauler Scerri

Jason 'Maltese Mauler' Scerri

~ by fatsoking on August 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Evolution 17 Super 8!”

  1. Eli is out due to being on Contender 2. Rumor is Tum/Madsua is going to take his place. Soren is also out due to work issues. 😦 At least that’s what I was told on K-1fans.


  2. I’m quite sure this is full Muaythai rules. Josh and Nugget always promotes under the banner of the WMC.
    Probably without elbows and as you say three rounds in the semis and quarters.

    I was trying for YEARS to get the Evolution shows onto Eurosport and even had Josh Sexton (one of the promoters of Evolution) contacting Eurosport too. But we all know what Eurosport is about hence NO Muaythai on that channel. 😦

    Anyways one of my goals in live is definitely go to and watch an Evo show LIVE! 😀 😀

  3. Cosmo won the tournament against Madsua by points. Apparently very close. Cosmo actually stopped JWP due to leg kicks as well in the 2nd round. Maybe a resurgence by Cosmo?? Awesome way to bounce back from that less-than-impressive showing against Yodsaenklai.

    Grats to Cosmo.

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