Fabio Pinca Versus Youseff Boughanhem Video

By Mike LNg

Fabio Pinca Attacks Youssef Boughhanhem

Much thank goes out again to youtube uploader TungstenPalm for the video of France’s Fabio Pinca versus Belgium’s Youseff Boughhanhem.  Both won their respective final eliminator bouts to face each other to decide the definitive winner of the Thai Fight tournament. Without a doubt Fabio’s has placed himself in a no question position on top of France’s many top nak muay and has solidified his reputation internationally by also beating Petchmonkong Petchfocus.

~ by fatsoking on December 8, 2010.

One Response to “Fabio Pinca Versus Youseff Boughanhem Video”

  1. Pinca is an absolute fucking boss. Those punch exchanges in the 3rd were sick.

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