Bruce Lee’s 70th Birthday:Muay Thai Versus Kung Fu Roster

By Mike LNg

China Versus Thailand Card

The roster for the opposing teams for China’s celebration of Bruce Lee’s 70th birthday event of Muay Thai versus Sanda has been finalized.  Apparently though the Chinese press is saying it is one of their weaker line-ups and they expect China to lose at a 3-2 ratio.

Apparently, one of China’s star sanda players Li Haiming will not be participating. The reasons for him not participating varied from being too injured to now being at a much higher weight category. Replacing  Li Haiming will be Zhou Jinbiao at the 60 kg weight category.

The card known thus far is as follows:

Zhou Jinbiao Vs. Jomthong at 60kg.

Miao Yujie of the Shanghai team versus Bali Ya (aka Nong Toom)at 63kg.

Nong Toom was famously known as the Lady Boy Thaiboxer who even had a movie “Beautiful Boxer” made in her honor.

Zhang Shaoxia versus John Wayne Parr at 75kg

Zhang Shaoxia

Jihai Tong Vs. Big Ben 68 kg.

Ji Haitong Vs. Marcus Simon 80kg.

Also allegedly, Parr’s remarks to the press have been reported as arrogant though decidedly Zhang has not responded in any way other than a matter of factual statement that he was looking forward to the fight.

~ by fatsoking on December 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Bruce Lee’s 70th Birthday:Muay Thai Versus Kung Fu Roster”

  1. its muay thai vs kung fu but theyre doing sanshou? is kung fu and sanshou/sanda the same? i thought sanshou was like a chinese fighting style using a lot of take downs/throws.

    anyways, bruce lee was awesome.

    i hope that guy beats JWP

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