Ji Haitong Versus Big Ben: The Bruce Lee Birthday Celebration Fight

By Mike LNg

Big Ben with WBC world title

Big Ben fights Ji Haitong at the Bruce Lee 70th Birthday event held in China.  Sanda fighters were matched against Thaiboxers in combined rules allowing techniques of both styles but requiring padded elbows. Judge for yourself who should have won.


~ by fatsoking on December 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “Ji Haitong Versus Big Ben: The Bruce Lee Birthday Celebration Fight”

  1. fucking horseshit.

  2. i think bruce would agree that big ben won as well.

  3. i wanted to see liu hailong fight pretty bad though…

  4. i really dont know too much about him except doign a little research on the internet, he appears to be chinas ‘best’ from the little info i got. he seems like he has a lot to offer. i was really looking forward to seeing him clash with a great thai nak muay.

    its weird that china does not have a world champion because historically they were all about fighting and competition and whose boxing is better.

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