Bangkok Fight Night 9 Announced

By Mike LNg


Bangkok Fight Night 9

Atlanta, Georgia’s Khunpon Dechkampu has announced completion of his coming card for Bangkok Fight Night 9 which features an even blend of MMA and Muay Thai bouts.  Khunpon has made his mark as a trainer by giving the former champion’s tutelage to standout fighters Chike Lindsay and Stephen Richards. Lindsay in the past has won IMTO Super Welterweight World Title and the WKA Super Welterweight North American Title but is probably best known for his competitive fight with WBC Muay Thai champion Kevin Ross. Ultimately Lindsay would lose the fight.

Richards fought and beat at the time WBC United States light heavyweight champion Shawn Yarborough despite breaking his arm in the course of the fight. The victory netted Richards a WCK win but not the WBC Muay Thai United States title.

Bangkok Fight Night 9 should be an interesting proving ground to see which emerging young talent Khunpon has to reveal to the United States. The card represents a fairly even blend of MMA rules bouts and Muay Thai rules bouts with essentially a main event bout in each style.  The card known thus far along with weights of the fighters is as follows:


MMA rules bouts:

Steve McCall vs. Amir Dadovic 170lbs.

Will Kuhn vs. Sasuke Zapata 170lbs.

Derek “Bolo” Cathorn vs. Billy Joe Waters 240 lbs.

Gui Curry vs. Rafael Gorge 155 lbs.

Christian Arguello vs. TBA 155 lbs.

Mike Graves vs. Ja Lowery 175 lbs.

Stephen Upchurch vs. Josh Glover 155lbs. This bout will be the main event of the evening.

Muay Thai bouts

Anthony Nieves vs. Danny Watts 175 lbs.

Eric Castro vs. Josh Downing 160 lbs.

Moe Travis vs. Tecia Torres 115 lbs. This bout will be a title match.

Robel Kebede vs. Jade Kamchanan 150 lbs.

Colleen Luima vs. Mary Matia 118 lbs.


A preview interview clip has been released focusing on Tecia Torres. For ticket information go to the official Bangkok Fight Night site.

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