Explosion Fight Night Volume 3 Announced

By Mike LNg

Explosion Fight Night Volume 3

Explosion Fight Night Volume 3 returns in France.  In it’s third installment Xavier Bastard will fight for the ISKA Championship of Europe.  Recently, Xavier made an unsuccessful challenge to the World Professional Muay Thai Federation (WPMF) world title against Apisit Koedchatturat of Thailand at the Muay Thai in Vannes event. This time Xavier Bastard will fight Karim Bennoui coming out of Nasser Kacem’s gym in France home to Fabio Pinca winner of the 2010 Thai Fight tournament.

Apparently, the fight that was to feature Aiello Bantonon is still being matched for the WPMF world title at 72.5 kg.  Also fighting for the WPMF championship of the world at 72.5 kg will be Karim Ghajji Against Saro Presti. Saro Presti is an Italian Muay Thai champion and is a former K-1 MAX qualifier representing Team Aerts.

Karim Ghajji is no stranger to tournaments and has been the winner of the  K-1 Pro French title, K-1 W.P.M.F European title and F-1 World Max Tournament. He also took home Gold at the Beijing SportAccord Games.

Sudsakorn will also find himself in a tournament again in what looks like a 4-man K-1 rules tournament against some of France’s biggest names in international Muay Thai at 71kg. Though this tournament may be off with the possibility of a 4-man tournament happening in full rules Muay Thai.  So depending on which one occurs the lineups may be one of the two listed.

Sudsakorn seems to be a favorite in these tournaments having recently fought in the World Kickboxing Network’s Big 8 tournament held in Belarus.  Ultimately he would prevail over Andrei Kulebin in the final of that tournament via TKO stoppage. Sudsakorn has also been busy in the Thai Fight qualifier tournaments in Thailand beating out Kem Sitsongpeenong.

Fight Night Explosion with revised lineup

The tournament lineup so far has:

Sudsakorn Klinmee

Michael Piskitello

Michale Lallemand

Mohammed Rahoui

In the full rules Muay Thai 4-man tournament the lineup is as follows:

John Dennis

Hacine Bennoui

Francois Charles


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