Quick results from Ring of Honor

By Mike LNg

Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor is complete and the 2nd event for FightCode by all impressions completed successfully.  The results are in with much thanks to Martin Belak of Slovakia for the results.

Alexei Ignashov former K-1 fighter seemed to be in some semblance of his old form as he definitively wrapped up a win. And Vladimir Moravcick silenced criticism with a stoppage win over Abdoul Touree of France in the only full rules Muay Thai bout of the night.

The results known are as follows:

Vladimir Moravcik wins against Abdoul Tourre by TKO in 3rd

Fadi Merza wins on points against Lukas  Body

Alexei Ignashov wins on  points against Roman Kleibl

Vitali Akhramenko wins on points against Tomas Kohout

Vladimir Konsky wins on points  against Mark Wildeboar

Mamadou Keta wins by KO against Thomas Senkyr in an MMA rules bout

Christopher Alazov wins on points against Rudolf Durika.

~ by fatsoking on February 7, 2011.

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