The Ring of Honor Feb.5th,2011

By Mike LNg

Ring of Honor

The Ring of Honor Event comes from Slovakia on February 5th, 2011 in Nitra, Slovakia and features some of the most known names of international Muay Thai. However what caught my eye most was the main event which will be conducted under full rules Muay Thai. At 75kgs the two principals in the main event are Abdoul Toure of France’s Derek Boxing Team and Vladimir Moravcik. Abdoul is now fighting at a much higher weight but has compiled some very notable accomplishments in the past including:

  • French Champion FBTMTDA 2001 66.6KG
  • 2002 ISKA European Champion -69KG
  • Finalist of the Contender Asia Qualifiers held in Madrid, Spain in 2008

Fighting Toure will be Vladimir Moravcik who has picked up the International Title of Poland though he is indeed Slovakian and trains there. It’ll be interesting to me that though Abdoul has fought newly crowned WBC Muay Thai world champion Steven Wakeling this will be the largest weight I have seen Abdoul fight at.

The rest of the card features some very well known names in the world of international Muay Thai including former K-1 fighter Alexei “The Red Scorpion” Ignashov, Superleague standout Fadi Merza, and strong Slovakian Thaiboxer who has in the past participated in Songchai’s  S-1 tournaments Rudolf Durica. As always Ignashov’s performance almost wholly depends on his state of mind the day of the fight.  It will be interesting to see which Ignashov decides to show up the day of the fight.

The card known thus far is as follows:

Muay Thai Rules: Abdoul Toure (France) vs Vladimir Moracvick (Slovakia) 75 kg

K-1 Rules:  Vladimir Konsky (Eastern Beasts) vs Mark Wildeboar (Netherlands)

K-1 Rules: Alexei Ignashov vs Roman Kleibl

K-1 Rules: Tomas Kohout vs Vitalij Akhramenko

MMA Rules: Atilla Vegh vs Hans Stringer

K-1 Rules: Erik Kosztanko /MTC BA/ vs James Asamoah /Holandsko/

K-1 Rules: Tomáš Šenkýr /Ares ZA/ vs Tomas Pakutinskaso /Litva/

K-1 Rules: Rudolf Durica /SVK/ vs Chyngiz Alazov /Azerbajdzan/

K-1 Rules: Lukáš Body /Kickbox Poprad/ vs. Fadi Merza /Rakúsko/

MMA Rules: Matúš Mečár /SVK/ vs Rudolf Kríž /ČR/

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