Super Show Down 2-19-11 Quick Results

By Mike LNg

Michael Dicks featured on Super Show Down

The Super Show down event in Glasgow, Scotland has wrapped up and the results are in. The card was composed of a an ambitious blend of both local top talent, UK talent and some familiar faces from Thailand.  The results known thus far are as follows:

Class A 55kgs

Damien Trainor (K-Star, Birmingham)vs. Phetnamchai Jitti Gym

(Bangkok, Thailand)

Winner – Phetnamchai – points

Class A 67kgs

Michael Dicks (Darlington Martial Arts gym) vs. Samingprai (Kiatphontip gym, Bangkok,Thailand)

Winner – Samingprai – points

Class A 65kgs

Petchasawin Sangmorakot gym (Bangkok, Thailand)vs. Liam Harrison (Bad Company, Leeds)

Winner – Petchaswin – points

Class A 71.5 kgs

Adrian Wedolowski (Griphouse) vs.Keith Middleton (Aberdeen Muay Thai)

Winner – Aiden Wedolowski, round 3 by referee stoppage

Class A 57kgs

Davy Macintosh (Bad Company, Leeds)vs. Stevie Brown (Wossobama gym)

UKMF British title Winner – Stevie Brown – points

Class B 74kg

Timuchin Yildirum (Griphouse)vs. Paul Norton (Chupasart

Dublin, Ireland)

Winner – Paul Norton – points

Class A 63.5kg

John Dennis (Bad Company, Leeds) vs. Keith McLachlan (Eclipse Muay Thai)

Winner – John Dennis, 13 seconds into the 1st round – Keith is unable to continue – due to suspected broken shin or ankle

Class A 76kgs

Mark Casserly (Chupasart Dublin, Ireland) vs.Ally Smith (Wossobama gym)

Winner – Mark Casserly – points

A Class 60 kgs

Darren O’Connor (Tmas Liverpool) vs.Jeffery Batista

Winner – Darren O’Connor, 1 min 47 secs 3rd round. Darren unable to continue, ref stoppage.

B Class 67 kgs

Michael Roach (Carnage Muay Thai) vs. Rob Horrocks (Supergym, Leeds)

Winner – Rob Horrocks – round 1, 1 min 16 sec, Michael is unable to continue, ref stops fight.

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