Guilliaume Kerner Vs. Coralie

By Mike LNg

Guillaume Kerner in action

Guillaume Kerner is known internationally as the blond angel of Muay Thai. Guillaume was one of the earliest pioneers of Muay Thai in France and achieved high water marks in the sport before becoming a full time trainer in Muay Thai.  Among those accomplishments Guillaume was the French champion 1984-85-86-87-88, The European champion 1988-89, World champion in Bangkok, Thailand in 1994 and the world champion in Los Angeles, California in 1995. Today Guillaume is still actively passing on the art and sport of Muay Thai with his own Team Kerner gym in France.

For more information on Guillaume Kerner you can check this interview I conducted with a while back.

Here is a fight with Guillaume Kerner in action against Coralie for the French Muay Thai championship in 1987.

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