Samransak Muangsurin Vs. Pamontolek

By Mike LNg

Samransak Muangsurin Vs. Pamontolek

Everybody loves a heavy hitter.  In the golden era of Muay Thai Samransak was in good company among Thailand’s hardest hitters. When he threw he threw heavy and joined Thailand’s elite with Coban and Wangchannoi among others in Thaiand’s Thaiboxing elite hard hitters.  Though punching is the lowest scoring technique in Muay Thai modern era nak muay like Anuwat and Bovy proved effective in winning and ending fights by the humble punch.

Here is a fight with one of the golden era of Muay Thai’s finest punchers in action against Pamontolek.

~ by fatsoking on November 20, 2012.

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