New 144lbs Event in Omnoi Stadium

By Mike LNg

Omnoi Stadium

As many of you already know Omnoi stadium is working closely with Thai Fight tournament in Thailand. Both venues sponsored by Isuzu are apparently not stopping there. Much thanks to Rob Cox’s Muay Thai Focus for this piece of news.
A new tournament has been launched for the 144 lbs weight class.  The tournament is entitled Fektien Group Tournament and will begin February 5th, 2011.  Thw final will apparently be at the 146 lbs weight limit and of course will be showcased in Omnoi stadium.

At this stage the probable line-up will be:

Buckjoe Kiatchuthai
Samranchai 96 Peenang, who you may remember from Slamm! events
Ikuysang KT Gym
Longern Tungsongthaksin
Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong
Petchsanguan Sitniwat
Tuantong Pumphanmuang
Charoenchai Ouddonmuang

Events are happening and more often for the heavier class of nak muay in Thailand.

~ by fatsoking on February 4, 2011.

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