Muay Thai Mayhem 3 Updates

By Mike LNg

Muay Thai Mayhem 3

Muay Thai Mayhem 3 is rapidly approaching the November 24th launch date and the card has been gathering steam with official confirmations coming from Frank Lee’s gym in Edmonton, Canada. 

The promotional poster immediately drew my interest with some big names of Thailand’s international Muay Thai squad being big active names on both Thai Fight and Thailand Versus Challenger Events. However as of now I have seen no official confirmation of either Nonsai or Saiyok officially participating on the card.  What appears now to be the main event of this big night of international Thaiboxing Is Armin Matli versus Stephane Celeste of France.  Both fighters are pretty evenly matched fight record wise and both are busy fighters. Armin has been touted often as the next Buakaw Por Pramuk but as with any fight the proof will be found in the ring.

Tickets purchases can be made at the Ticket Master site.

The card as confirmed so far features these match ups.

Armin Malti Vs. Stephane Celeste

Eddie Chang versus Oliver McKiernan

Derek Jolivette Vs. Kingsley Opoku

Brian Kong Versus Vern Mosqua

Rungkaras Versus Hakeem Dawodu

Tickets purchases can be made at the Ticket Master site.

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