Thai Fight Semi-Finals November 25th Results

By Mike LNg

Thai Fight 2012

The semi-finals of the Thai Fight Semi-finals wrapped up on November 25th, 2012 in Thailand. The following is the results with my biased calling of the fights as they happened.

Mohammed Hossein Dorodian Vs. Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee –  Super Fight

Sudsakorn Klinmee Vs Mohammed Hossein Dodorian

Rd1 – Mohammed Dorodian takes his time with pecking shots and Sudsakorn answers with hard low kicks. He spins around and catches Dorodian with a big elbow across the head. Sudsakorn catches a kick and does jumping body kick. Both go to the clinch where Sudsakorn dumps Dorodian. Sudsakorn scores another leg catch to dump though Dorodian tries to escape it with a climb up of Sudsakorn ala ling lom style.

RD2 – Durodian trying punch combos to a leaping super man punch. Sudsakorn drops Dorodian with a massive elbow and that’s a wrap! 1st fight and 1st KO of the night!

Andrei Kulebin (Belarus) vs Adaylton Pareira Freitas (Brazil) 67 kg – Semifinal

Andrei Kulebin vs. Adalyton Pareira De Freitas

RD1 – Tentative round with both fighters throwing short shots. Freitas kicks, misses and slips. Kulebin is timing counter shots well but Freitas answers in kind. Kulebin out ranged but does well in the clinch with short knees to the body. From the clinch they exchange knees and Freitas dumps Kulebin. Kulebin scoring hard kicks to the body to close the round.

RD2 – Freitas is scoring long distance kicks well. Kulebin is forced to counter because of the range difference but his timing is sharp and he is scoring. In the clinch and Kulebin gets dumped nearly into the referee. Freitas scores a short over the top elbow and they clinch and Kulebin is dumped a 2nd time. Freitas scores another close elbow. And again dumps Kulebin for a 3rd time. Freitas is looking very good. Kulebin returns an elbow and catches a kick and scores a body punch.

RD3 – Both fighters going for it hard and end up in the clinch. Freitas range is proving to be a difference maker. He scores easily outside and is strong in the clinch. Kulebin scores 2 consecutive body kicks. And is using his timing to hit Freitas with two low kicks to the leg. Kulebin scores a kick to the face! Freitas chases Kulebin down and scores a punch and a dump on Kulebin. Kulebin lands a spinning kick to the body. Kulebin is clowning with both hands down. Kulebin’s rhythm has returned and he is scoring body kicks and well-timed low kicks.

Winner by Unanimous Decision Andrei Kulebin

Singmanee Kaewsamrit (Thailand) vs. Mehdi Zatout (France) 67 kg – Semifinal

Singmanee Kaewsamrit vs. Mehdi Zatout

RD1 – Mehdi Zatout comes out aggressive landing punches. Singmanee times them and answers with hard low kicks. Zatout again scores with punches but is noticeably wound up and full of excessive energy. Zatout dumps Singamenee and early on seems to be effective with 1 -2 punch combos. Zatout gets dumped by Singmanee. Singmanee clinches and delivers short knee to Zatout’s body. Singamnee catches another kick and dumps Zatout to the ground.

RD2 – Singmanee very relaxed lands hard kicks to the leg and body. Singmanee is strong in the clinch and lands body kicks and right punch combos. Singmanee lands two knees and a short elbow in the clinch. Zatout manages ashort dump from clinch. Singmanee is landing mean looking body kicks and is kneeing well in the clinch. Zatout on the back foot now. Singmanee walks Zatout down and connects with punches to the head and body.

RD3 – Zatout again goes in with punches and connects tho not flush. Singmanee is kneeing to the body from the clinch. Singmanee is kicking hard to the body and not being countered though Zatout certainly tries. Zatout trying to bait Singmanee with both hands down and gets kicked to the body for his efforts. Zatout now seems to be focused exclusively on punching.

Winner by unanimous decision Singmanee

Cecchini Simone (Italy) Vs. Iquezang Kor.Rungthanakeat (Thailand) 67 kg- Super Fight

Iquezang Kor. Rungthankeat Vs. Cecchini Simone

Rd1 – Iquezang is apparently not at all interested in feeling out Simone. He lands a hard body kick, attempts a spinning elbow and low kicks. No respect at all being shown for Simone who Iquezang immediately goes after. Iquezang throws and lands sweeping wide punches spin kicks and teeps to the face. Look like this could be a short fight so far. Iquezang does a face forward taunt and hip dance now when Simone misses. Simone actually manages to sweep Iquezang to the mat, virtually Simone’s only offense of the round. Iquezang landing more elbows from range.

Rd2 – Iquezang lands 2 kicks in a row, both to Simone’s body. Iquezang again lands hard body kick but Simone actually counters with a low kick and now seems interested in actually fighting back. Iquezang now landing consecutive hard knees to the body. Simone is landing but too few attempts and too tentative. Iquezang is having a fairly easy night so far.

RD 3 – After touching gloves for an alleged low shot to Simone, Iquezang immediately straight punches Simone. Both are clowning each other but Iquezang actually scores. Iquezang again juts his chin out daring Simone to hit him. Iquezang short kicks Simone to the body. Iquezang again scores with an elbow. Simone not getting any offense off. Iquezang shows zero respect to his opponent and peppers Simone to the body just to maintain the gap in points for what has to be an easy win for Iquezang.

Iquezang wins via unanimous decision.

Buakaw Por Pramuk (Thailand) vs Tomoyuki Nishikawa(Japan) 70 kg – Semifinal

Buakaw Por Pramuk Vs. Tomoyuki Nishikawa

RD1 – Nishikawa lands a body kick from the onset. Now Buakaw keeps Tomoyuki on the ropes with straight kicks to the body. Buakaw strolls into the clinch and lands knees to the body Buakaw lands an upper cut, low kick combination out of the clinch. Buakaw easily sweeps Nishikawa to the ground. Buakaw land 3 side kicks and kicks Nishikawa to the ground. Tomoyuki jabbing and then smothers his own range trying to get close and throw and overhand punch.

RD2 – Buakaw land a hard kick to the body and then pushes Nishikawa away with teeps and sweeps Nishikawa to the ground. Buakaw has Nishikawa on the back foot now landing hard body kicks and knees when Nishikawa strays too close. Nishikawa’s output is limited now to mostly punching which doesn’t phase Buakaw as he continues his onslaught of hard kicks. Buakaw picks a kick and drops Nishikawa to the ground. Lots of stepping knees by Buakaw. Nishikawa has heart but alas not much more. Buakaw now even beating Nishikawa in the punch game.

Rd3 – Buakaw landing body kicks left and right. Nishikawa does land two low kicks but gets jump kneed by Buakaw for his efforts. Buakaw lands now 2 jump knees in a row. Nishikawa’s face is getting lumped up from Buakaw’s offense. Nishikawa is still game but basically has no chance of winning this fight now. The right side of Nishikawa takes 4 consecutive hard kicks from Buakaw now. Nishikawa keeps marching forward and he gets punished with knees and kicks for it.

Sudsakorn Throws fight ending elbow

This edition of Thai Fight was spotty for my liking in moments it was exciting with the massive Sudsakorn elbow knockout. But it was predictable too with Buakaw again being matched soft.  Fight of the night for me was Andrei Kulebin versus Adaylton Pareria De Freitas. Freitas was a live opponent and dangerous until the end. Though Kulebin did do just enough to edge a win it does make me want to see a 5 round match between the two again.

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