One Songchai’s King’s Cup December 5th,2012

By Mike LNg

One Songchai King’s Cup

One Songchai’s King’s Cup will return again in December. Songchai’s King’s Cup event has become an institution many years running and is well known for  giant events appearing during King’s Birthday in Thailand. And as usual for One Songchai, it looks like this year’s King’s Cup won’t disappoint with a 12 fight card ready to be delivered.  Featured on the card are many of same Thaiboxers who just recently completed fighting on the Italian promotion Hearts of Fire Fight Night.

The King’s Cup will start Wednesday December 5, 2012 at the Sanamluang, Grand Royal Palace in front of Grand Palace grounds.

It will televise live through TV GMM-SPORT from 8pm to 11:30pm Thai time. In other words if you have any expectation of seeing this live depending on where you are in the world prepare to give up sleep for a night.

The card as announced by One Songchai will be as follows:

Female International Boxing 4 Rounds

Ayadej Sitpraivan VS Thani Thepprasit 126 Lbs.

Pizza Sor Thipjaroen VS Hongkal Sitjejuang 102 Lbs.

Keanpetch Manoprungroj VS Nongnew Sit-umnaj 118 Lbs.

Dokmaipa Kietpompetch VS Orasa Sitkosin 122 Lbs.

Kletpetch Lukmuangkan VS Petchnaree Sor Praithong 108 Lbs.

Snooker SorkorSungaiGym VS Nongfah Sitkrudaeng 132 Lbs.

(Muaythai) Petnamdee Sor.Praitong VS Yudai Sasaki (Japan) 35 kgs

At 7:19 following the candle lighting ceremony the following matches will take place:

Male Muaythai 5 Rounds 3 minutes fight with 2 minutes break between rounds

Yen O Yang (China) VS Claudio Amoruso (Italy) (Italian Champion)70 kgs.

Fasodsai Chiangmaipasodsai VS Andrea Serra, KL Italian Champion (Italy) 140 Lbs.

Male WBC Muaythai Featherweight Championship title 126 Lbs.

Faputthai Chiangmaipahuyut VS Luca Genovesse, Kl European Champion (Italy)126 Lbs.(57 Kg.)

Thepparat Sitsopon(Thailand) VS Gery Bavetta (Italy) 126 Lbs

Female S1 Championship title 100 Lbs.

Loma Sijatou VS Denise Mellor (England) 100 Lbs.

Male S1 World Championship title Bantamweight 118 Lbs.

Pitchaek Sitjadang Vs. Gerald Monita (France)

Male S1 World Championship title Super Lightweight 140 Lbs.

Kongnakornban Sor.Kitrungroj VS Mauro Serra (Italy) 140 Lbs.

Female S1 World Championship Super Lightweight

Fasithong Sitso-ung VS Alessia D’Addario (Italy) 140 Lbs.

Annis Dometiou (Greece) VS Adam Fenech (Australia) 180 Lbs.

Nonggift OrOnecherd VS Sally McCarthy 118 lbs.

Wen Je Soong (Chinese) VS Andrea Valeriano (Italy) 132 Lbs.

Hongthong Liangprasert(Best Era Female) VS Sara Donghi (Italy) 110 Lbs.

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