Giorgio Petrosyan Versus Roelrink

Giorgo Petrosyan fights Roelrink in the Italian Extreme IV tournament. This fight took place in April 1, 2006 at Modena, Italy.

~ by fatsoking on July 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “Giorgio Petrosyan Versus Roelrink”

  1. Horrible ring set up: you can hear the ring floor every single time they are moving, attacking and kicking, he he. TOTAL dominance by Petro AGAIN! 😀

    • I think the single loudest ring I’ve ever heard was Pajunsuk versus Joeri Mes back on It’s Showtime 11 in I think 2005. Pajunsuk’s slams of Jeori Mes were made more impressive just by the sound which rattled the entire ring.

  2. Those fierce low leg kicks paved the way to an open guard. Pure science. Total dominace by Petrosyan over Roelrink indeed!

    Don’t you think Roelrink looks and gets hit a bit like Orlando Weet of Holland?

    • The timing of Petrosyan is a beautiful thing to witness. Giorgio is exactly there to deliver an attack and exactly out of the way not get hit back. That kid gets more impressive with every fight.

      Roelrink has a bit of a resemblance to Weit albeit less muscular.

  3. It is a very beautiful science. Giogio peforms his art well. He is very strong and impressive, I look forward to watching more of the Italian fighter.

    Is there any other Italian’s in the game?

    I have heard of an ‘Italian’ so called ‘Arjan’ that writes a few books, but I don’t think he has produced any fighters ever. Not in Muay Thai anyway.

    • Well let’s see Giorgio’s brother, Armen fights pretty well. Saro Presti has been on a few It’s Showtime events I think and just rom memory I think he has been on the UK’s Legends of Muay Thai series too.

      The one guy Calogero Palmeri beat Yoddenchai Sitpholek and is a current Italian Champion. It seems like Italy is at a reasonable level but Giorgio himself really is something special.

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