Cosmo Alexandre Wins Evolution 17

By Fatso King

In an exciting night from the Sleeman Centre, Cosmo Alexandre en route to winning the entire tournament would beat Dhzbar Askerov of the Contender Asia Season one, Tum Mardsua and John Wayne Parr.

Cosmo beat Dhzbar of the first season’s Contender landing some dangerous elbows that drew blood on the way.  John Wayne Parr was his next opponent who Cosmo stopped in the 2nd round with low kicks. In his final bout of the night Cosmo fought a very technical match against Tum Madsua.  Sweeps were exchanged and Cosmo and Tum fought often in the clinch.  After three tough fights Cosmo Alexandre has won Evolution 17 and will be going to the King’s Cup in Thailand. The Evolution 17 winner is officially Cosmo ‘The Boy’ Alexandre!

You can also see Cosmo’s interview here.

~ by fatsoking on August 30, 2009.

5 Responses to “Cosmo Alexandre Wins Evolution 17”

  1. Wow , congratulating to Cosmo. Maybe will see him fight in Malaysia one day..soon

  2. Congrats to Cosmo – after hearing that he’d beaten Dzhabar-JWP-and Madsua in one night…. I really had hoped that he would have been more game against Yod in Jamaica.

  3. Thanks for coming by gents. Cosmo’s a true gent. When I interviewed him I basically invited him to openly comment about some of the more questionable outcomes of some of his fights but he just gives full credit to his opponents and never tries to take credit from them. He really deserves his win despite what you might read else where.

  4. Way to go Cosmo! He really sweeped his Yod lost out of the way.

  5. Cosmo is a great fighter. Congratulations Cosmo.

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