The First Science of 8 Limbs Week in Review: 3-19-2010

By Fatsoking

After much thought I have decided to launch The Week in Review column to do a quick one week compilation of news and notables here at The Science of 8 Limbs.  This should make it easier to follow stories in their continuity.  It should also give a fast and easy week ending review of notable stuff here.  So without further ado let’s christen this one.

Today the Z-1 Muay Thai series final card was revealed featuring Wes Jaya and Leo Monteiro.

March 17th and 18th a the completed Better Late Than Never series highlighted 3 bouts at Lumpinee Versus Rajadamnern event.

On March 17th Sanchai’s American debut hit the internet.

On March 16th The Apocalix card is announced in Italy featuring Kem Sitsongpeenong

On March 14th MSA announced bringing the biggest Muay Thai card to the UK ever.

Followups to all these events will be posted later.  Leave me comments on whether you like this sort of round up or not too.  Thanks for reading!

~ by fatsoking on March 19, 2010.

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