Z-1 World Muay Thai Series Final 2010

By Fatso King

Fellow bloggers  at Box Tomoi have shared some news with me!  The final for the Z-1 series final is coming up fast March 27, 2010.  I shared the news of the 3 weight category full rules Muay thai tournament here. Z-1 is one of the few tournaments to break with tradition and actually have more than the typical 8 man 2 tier setup in 2 very significant ways.  It 0ffered 3 different weight categories and the tourney was deep in truly international talent.

Headlining the Z-1 final card will be Wes Jaya who I had the pleasure of interviewing prior.  Along with Leo ‘Amendoim’ Monteiro. The two co-main events are:

63.5 kg Leo ‘Amendoim’ Monterio (Brazil) Vs. Abbas Ahmadi (Boxx Warriors, Malaysia)

67 kg Wes Jaya (Boxx Warriors, Malaysia) Vs. Wuttichai S. Tuptimsakeson (Thailand)

Z-1 2010 Final

The rest of the card includes 4 superfights:

Super Fight 1 – Fauzan Zabidi (Boxx Warriors) Vs. Abuza (Malaysian Tigers)

Super Fight 2 – Iddi Selandang Kuning (Boxx Warriors Ampang) Vs. Zidov Akuma (Croatia)

Super Fight 3 – Bow Sowailek (Boxx Warriors, Thailand) Vs. Behzad Rafigdosdt (Iran)

Super Fight 4 – Firdaus Janai (Boxx Warriors) Vs. Thomas Sidyumlang (Thailand)

Z-1 Final poster

Z-1 Final poster

The Z-1 Final teaser looks good! Good luck to all the fighters.

Here’s some press about the upcoming event too.

~ by fatsoking on March 19, 2010.

5 Responses to “Z-1 World Muay Thai Series Final 2010”

  1. Thanks brother !

  2. Any word, on getting the Jaya Vs. Palmer fight? Seemed like a barn burner, and i cant find it anywhere. regards.

  3. Very much appreciated.

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