More Fighters Announced for Z-1 Tournament

by Fatso King

More news from my friends at Boxx Tomoi! It looks we have 3 more fighters in the Z-1 tournament, one in each of the following weight categories: 60 kg, 68 kg and 70 kg.

You can read more about the Z1 tournament series here.

Ahmed Saadi is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates now residing in Tunisia and has been a busy fighter in the 70 kg weight class. Ahmed formerly trained out of the Fight Academy of Dubai.

Ahmed Saadi

Ahmed Saadi

Dmitry Ushakanov is another tough fighter from Russia and at this point probably one of the fighters with the most punches on his passport having fought everywhere from the USA to Russia and now Malaysia.  Needless to say he’s a very decorated fighter as well.

Dmitry Ushakanov

Dmitry Ushakanov

At 60 kg Ismail Ramil will be representing his home country from the gym Malaysian Tigers.

Ismail Ramil

Ismail Ramil

It looks like a very interesting and exciting tournament especially given the 4 different weight classes to be contested. I like my tournaments with variety like this.

~ by fatsoking on August 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “More Fighters Announced for Z-1 Tournament”

  1. Hi,please i want to correct somthing,Ahmed Saadi from Tunisia not from Dubai,and no longer represent Dubai fight academy,sinse september 2007.

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