2,000,000 Baht Super Tournament in Thailand

By Mike LNg

Hua Hin Stadium

The return of reality television and Muay Thai is coming. But its not the Contender Asia or anything else you may imagine.  Thailand’s Channel 3 will be broadcasting Thai Fight instead. Initial reports of some of the named lineup look impressive and the match ups should be much more evenly matched and with a truly international roster of Thaiboxers.

Fighters to be confirmed include the following:

1. Thailand : Petchmunkong Petchfergus

2. Netherlands : Mosab Amrani

3. France : Fabio Pinca (WBC World Champion)

4. United Kingdom : Liam Harrison

5. Belarus : Vitaly Gurkov (*Correction courtesy of  reader Julia Korkina)

6. Germany : Pacco Koscielniak

7. Spain : Rafi Zouheir (Was Alex Baen)

8. Australia : Jason Lea

9. Italy : Sharos Huyer

10. USA : Kevin Ross

The remaining 8  fighters’ names to be released once the first 8 have been fully confirmed)

Reportedly, whichever countries have more than 2 fighters, have to compete in Bangkok to decide the qualifier at The Siam Omnoi Boxing Stadium on Thai TV 3.

All travelling fighters  to fight in Bangkok will receive a decent purse with five star accomodation for a week. The Thai representative is Petchmankong. He won the Isuzu Tournament (135lbs) to qualify for it. But the weight tobe contested is 147lbs

The events will take place at Rajamangkala Studium in Ramkamhaeng, Bangkok.

Mixfight has released some press show slide shows and this was interesting as an indicator of what the purses will be.

Thai Fight purses

Shockingly there has been very little in the way of press about this entire event. The event will schedule 1 week for media and three fight nights. The fighters will be working out of wholly separate camps. Unlike the Contender Asia there is no shared house. Instead a camera crew will capture the fighters training and activities seperate from one another in their respective camps. Which in my limited exposure to the fight sport reality program is definitely what I prefer.

This will not be like the Isuzu Cup tournament where the tournament takes months to complete with one bout once a week. To add the competition the tournament is also a single elimination and the loser is immediately eliminated.

Filling out this event will be Tata Young famous Thai pop singer. My initial impression is that I am hopeful and cannot help but be impressed by the efforts of the organizers after the blow the red shirt protest dealt the Thai economy and how much expense this event will cost.  But the lack of press about this is incredible to me since even Thai media has done very little to report on this event and I had to find the slides themselves on a Dutch site. I will keep on this event’s developments as the story and details become more readily available.

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~ by fatsoking on June 15, 2010.

17 Responses to “2,000,000 Baht Super Tournament in Thailand”

  1. Fucking amazing! Pinca and Harrison love to see that. 🙂

  2. Kevin Ross will be Dark horse .

  3. Petchmunkong Petchfergus = Petmankong Petfergus , same person ???

    Petmankong just win Saenchai ,

    Round 1:

    Round 2:

    Round 3:

    Round 4:

    Round 5:


  4. I think the prize money has been dropped very considerably. Just so you know.

  5. I think as low as 300,000 and 200,000 for the final. But I’m not 100%, still should be a great event.

  6. either that or I’m thinking of a different tournament with some of the same fighters. The one im thinking off saenchai is meant to be fighting/.

  7. Wouv. Nice set up.

    Maybe I should try and get Rhassan Muhareb in it…. 😉

  8. We have some huge media promotions upcoming for The THAI FIGHT Tournament after the World cup 2010.

    Stay tuned for announcements after July 21st.

    With so much media & publicity surrounding the world cup, we want to ensure we have the best sports promotion and media attention for THA fight tournaments in the world!

  9. The winners price is still 2 milloins THB.

    The runners up is still one millions THB.

  10. There will be a huge press confrence for the Muaythai tournament of the year. 2010 is the year of the THAI FIGHT!!.


    The press confrence will be on July 21st at the 5 star studio next to the Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok.

    The confrence includes:

    -Photographs with the Muay Thai super stars, Buakaw, Yodsanklai, Sanchai, Anuwat, and olympic gold medalists Somluck, Somjit and many more origional Muaythai champions

    -Apidej Sithiran, “golden shin” Putpad-noi, Pood Lowleg and many more..

    There will be a special lunch with the Muaythai superstars and stars from Thailand and around the world, all documented by alot of world wide media

    anyone who is interested in being a part of this Thai fight press conference please contact me by e-mail on phonsgym@hotmail.com to recieve V.I.P pass

    We had a draw for the first 8 countries round robin in Bangkok. There will be another draw to match up some opponents from other countries on the July 21 at the official confrence.

    The “THAI FIGHT” event taking place in the very motherland of the sport will be the biggest and best Muay Thai tournament in history. That’s right, there has never been a Thai Boxing event like this in the past (worldwide) and there may well never be another as huge in the future.


  11. I’ll put my money on Vitaly

  12. hi the fighter from spain is RAFI ZOUHEIR. thank you

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