WCK Muay Thai August 2010 Card

By Mike LNg

WCK card

WCK Muay Thai has just announced their coming card of August 28, 2010 and it looks pretty wild with the addition of super heavy weights. What is a super heavy weight in Muay Thai one may ask?  In this scenario two competitors exceeding 250lbs.  With this match the big man door has been thrown open wide.

WBC Muaythai United States Super Heavyweight Title 5rds.

Rick Cheek vs Stephen Banks.  Cheek has been a participant in some K-1 events as well as international Muay Thai fights. Banks has had tutelage under former champion Maurice Travis for Muay Thai. Both Cheek and Banks have had developing MMA careers but will be meeting in Muay Thai rules for this bout.  With a combined weight of over 500 lbs I just hope the ring can hold up to both men.

WBC Muaythai Female International Bantamweight Title 5rds.

Jeri Sitzes vs Lim Su Jeong (Korea). Lim has pretty much graced every random post when women’s Muay Thai is even mentioned.  Guys like looking at her apparently.

Lim is best known for capturing gold for South Korea in the Asian Games in Tae Kwon Do.  The first of which Lim won at the ripe old age of 16. And eventually won Olympic gold in 2008.  Apparently in South Korea there isn’t quite the stigma of learning Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai at the same time as there is in the west. It’ll be interesting to see if her classical martial arts background translates into any tactical difference in the ring though Lim has been training Muay Thai for quite some time now.

The last memory I had of Jeri Sitzes was  competing MMA for Strikeforce Challengers where she TKOed her opponent in a convincing fashion before the close of the third round in Oklahoma.

IKKC Muaythai International Light Heavyweight Title 5rds.

Shawn Yarborough (champion) vs Mawande Vapi (South Africa). Shawn has been steadily building up wins with an especially memorable victory (for me) in China at Wu Lin Feng. Mawande Vapi is a South African Champion.  This one looks like this could be the most interesting match of the night due to a somewhat similar style of offense from both fighters.

WBC Muaythai Super Welterweight Title Elimination Bout 5rds.

Raul Rodriguez vs William Sriyapai.  I am assuming here the winner gets a shot at Baxter Humby for his newly won Super Welterweight title. Both Raul and William have been mainstays of the USA Muay Thai scene for some time.

WBC Middleweight International Prestige Bout 5rds.

Chaz Mulkey vs Remy Bonnel. Chaz Mulkey has fought for the Heroes promotion against ex-K-1 competitor Marifio Canoletti and will be looking to make his mark against Bonnel. Remy Bonnel stacked up some wins in Shin Do Kumate held in Tampa.  Remy is a very lanky middleweight with a big reach.

IKKC Muaythai United States Welterweight Title 5rds.

Scott Leffler (champion) vs Justin Greskiewicz. Scott Leffler will be making his first title defense since TKOing James Martinez in the 2nd round.  Justin Greskiewicz is a USKBA titlist from the Pennsylvania.

IKKC Muaythai Super Middleweight Bout 4rds.

Jack Thames vs Mike Ryan. Jack Thames is coming off a close fight with WBC National Champion Craig Buchanan.  Mike Ryan is known for his slick and elusive style.

IKKC Muaythai Super Welterweight Bout 4rds.

Shawn Yacoubian vs Joe Davidson. Shawn Yacoubian has a pretty slick style that is always fun to watch while Joe Davidson has been steadily building his record with a growing win ratio.

IKKC Muaythai Welterweight Bout 4rds.

Artem Sharoshkin vs Titus Holmes.  This will be Artem Sharoshkin’s professional debut after an exciting bout with Ozzy Venegas.

And now the clip promoting the event.

I am going to do my best to be there and to give a first person account of this event.  Should prove interesting since I think its literally been a decade since I’ve seen competitors as big as the super heavy weights on this card fighting live. But in any scenario I’ll do my best to see it and give my views on the latest WCK event.

WCK is usually pretty good about landing some promo codes for accommodations to give attending fans a break on price at the hotels. So I am keeping my eyes peeled for those too. For ticket information call 877-466-7962 or head over to the official WCK site.

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~ by fatsoking on July 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “WCK Muay Thai August 2010 Card”

  1. what an awesome card. I think I may be fighting on this day over on this coast but if I dont…I may have to make my way cross country to see this. west coast muay thai scene is where I want to be.

  2. haha if i do go, you’ll be the first to know. make that a water – i dont drink ;D

  3. hear this loud “” shawn yacobian”” is fundamentally a kick boxer !.
    yacobian`s introduction to fighting was karate and then kick boxing jet style.
    the poison and demons of weak kick boxing have been learned all to well and now there is no way to undo the damage done.

    hanging out with a lame referee -teacher wont teach that yacobian all the skills needed to become a full on ,muay thai fighter.
    a few two week stays in Thailand wont build a style master.

    its time for yacobian to hang up the gloves and only teach children’s classes , that’s because he is only a beginner him self in the true muay thai style department.

    don’t worry there are plenty of fake and modified muay thai schools out there defrauding the unknowing public.

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