Jerome LeBanner Versus Tomas Novack Results from Reunion

By Mike LNg

Jerome LeBanner and Tomas Novack in the Ring

Quick Results from Muay Thai on Reunion Island, France.

Kickboxing Rules

67 kg
Lagarigue Olivier (REU) beat Jan-Rabesoavina Slvin (MAD)
Basquaise Fabrice (REU) beat Rakontondratsimba (MAD)
Labbe Johan (REU) beat Jean-Rafaralahy Rado (MAD)

91 kg
Manu Payet (REU) def Thurloy Nelson (REU)

Muay Thai Rules

Xavier Bastard (REU) def Yucharden Arnon (THA)

63.5 kg
Apichat Koedchatturat (THA) beat Olivier Supervisor (REU)

67 kg
Apisak Koedchatturat (THA) beat Bouba Konta (AUS)

European Championship
Brice Guidon (FRA) beat Francisco Munoz (ESP)

World Championship
Jerome Le Banner (FRA) beat Tomas Novak (CAN)

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~ by fatsoking on July 24, 2010.

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  2. ?????

  3. ?????? Is the above poster said Steven? 🙂

  4. Right, thanks. The statement makes sense now. Can’t know ’em all even though we “work” our asses of to try, he he. 🙂

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