WPMF Queen’s Birthday Results 2010

By Mike LNg

Queen's Birthday Lineup

Much thanks to Phon Martdee for the results.

World Professional Muay Thai Federation (WPMF) Queen Birthday 11 August 2010 result
5 event from team Thailand VS team France
1. M-100 Thanashot lose FRANCOIS Charles 67 kg
2. Thanasak Topkingboxing won HLALI Abdelazize 63.5 kg
3. Tapaothong Iminent air gym won OSKUL Yetkin 60 kg
4. Yodpaowarit Sasiprapa gym won PARIOT Remy 50 kg
5. Nimit I-Siadown won BOUCHAREB Mohamed 52 kg
Live on TV 7 2300pm – 0100am
WPMF vacant title Bantamweight.
6)Sabaithip Prasathbupai lose LAMBERT Laetitia (France) 54 kg.
WPMF vacant title Lightweight
7) Melisa Iminent air gym won Joanne Sasiprapa (Scotland Caledonian) 57 kg.
WPMF defend title Welterweight
8 ) Alex Chiangmai Muaythai (Switzerland)won ko2 John Tiger Muaythai
(USA) 67 kg.
WPMF vacant title Super Heavyweight 210 pound
9) Tyson Conmiler (AUS) lose Menu Emarald gym
10) Sakedpetch Imgram Gym (Thai) won Andy Jitti Gym (England) 70 kg.
11)Leslie Kaewsamrit (USA)won Jerry Rawai Muaythai( Aus) 140 p.
12) Ekakkee M.Bangkok Thonburi (TH)lose thawatchai Kaewsamrit (TH) 154 p.
13) Saenpayak Poptheeratham (Italy)lose Jersey Imgram gym 144 p.
14) Damian Sasiprapa gym ( Argentina) won ko2 Ritchie Jitti gym (NZ) 175 p.
15) Byron Seangmorakot (Sweden) lose ko3 Matias Topkingboxing (Spain) 173 p.
16) Kate Jitti Gym (England)won Theresa RawaiMuaythai ( South Africa) 116 p.
17) Sonia Boonchoi (France)won Anatasia Seangmorakot (Russia) 123 P.
1 Jesse Seangmorakot (AUS)lose David MTPgym (Luxembourg) 158 p.
19) Dawsaming Imgram gym (TH) won Steve PAthong Boxing 120 p.
20) Arbus Muaythai Academy (Iran) lose Ekpayak M. Krungthep 147 p.
21) Chantal Tigermuaythai( Italy)won ko4 Tracy Sithchamong 145 p.

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  1. hello,i would like to tell you ther is a problem with my name for the fight number 17, my name is soraya bucherie from france not sonia boonchoi , can you change please tank you very mutch

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