Anuwat Returns To Rise Japan

By Mike LNg

Anuwat Kaewsamrit, the Iron Hands of Siam

By apparent popular demand Anuwat Kaewsamrit makes his return to action at Rise 71 to be held October 3rd, 2010. Anuwat Kaewsamrit has been a long time veteran of Muay Thai and much of the speculation of him being on the b-side of his career is valid but he has still proven more than viable internationally. Anuwat is set to match Kan Itabashi a young gun of Muay Thai in Japan at 63kg in the main event.

Kan Itabashi

Also on the card: Koji Yoshimoto v. Yuto Watanabe and Yuki v. Naoki in the semi-finals of RISE’s 63kg tournament; Shohei Asahara v. Motochika Hanada in the 63kg reserve fight; Yuto Nakaegawa v. Yutaka; and Raoumaru v. Atsushi.

Rise in the past has been used as K-1’s feeder league and was in fact the event names such as Artur Kyshenko and Hinata have been ‘discovered’. Hinata in the past beat Kyshenko by crescent kick TKO. Ironically Kan Itabashi defeated Kanongsuk Weerasakreck by wide points decision on the very same card that Hinata and Kyshenko were on.  It seems though full rules Muay Thai is being used more and more often for Rise’s fight formats. Correction via Akiko Hi actually this is still K-1 rules.  Good to see and I can only hope it continues.

~ by fatsoking on September 6, 2010.

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