Janus Fight Night Returns

By Mike LNg

Janus Fight Night 2010

The King Birthday and final 2010 Muay Thai events keep rolling in and this upcoming one in Janus Fight Night 2010 returns on  December 04, 2010. Some of you may remember the impressive win K-1 MAX champion Giorgio Petrosyan gained over tough Dutch stalwart Marco Pique back in 2007 in Janus Fight Night 2007 also held in Padova, Italy. This time around Armen Petrosyan will make his stand in 2010’s Janus Fight night against Leroy Kaestner.

The main event fight for the 2010 Janus Fight Night will feature Diego Calzolari fighting for the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) Muay Thai title against Namsaknoi. Namsaknoi appeared to be retired for all intents and purposes. Namsaknoi was the former star fighter of Por Pramuk racking up 3 Lumpinee stadium titles in 3 different weight categories and even had an international boxing championship strap under PABA. Namsaknoi the last I heard of him was retired and teaching at Chaweng Stadium.  It’ll be interesting to see what the emperor brings to the ring these days.

The rest of the card is as follows:

W.A.K.O. World Muay Thai Title Bout

Diego Calzolari vs. Namsaknoi

Super Fight(Full Muay Thai rules)

Marco Pique vs. Paolo Bellini

Super Fights (K-1 rules)

Armen Petrosyan vs. Leroy Kaestner

Mikel Colaj vs. Robin Van Roosmalen

Harut Grigorian vs. Alessandro Campagna

Anthony Kane (recent participant in Thai Fight) vs. Francesco Tadiello

Bruno Franchi vs. Darryl Stichman

Alex Rossi vs. Ismael Londt

Iulian Imeri vs. Jimmy Eimers

Super Fights(MMA rules)

Viktor “Tigrie” Kuku vs. Rafael Enrique

Lisa Bucci vs. Cindy Dandois

Super Fights (Boxing rules)

Christian Sanavia vs. Mariusz Biskupsky

Special Super Fights

Juliana Moreira vs. Elisa Giovannelli

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