Quick Results – Muay Thai in America

By Fatsoking

Just in some results that I know of so far from the Muay Thai in America event.

Muay Thai in America

Middleweight bout (Full MT rules 5×3)
Kenny Finister (AdrenalineCSF, Temecula, CA) vs Joe Davidson (Dobler’s, Fontana, CA)
Finister by KO (Kicks) at 2:33 of the second round.

Light-heavyweight bout (Full MT rules 5×3)
Andy Kapel (MinnesotaMartialArts) vs Danny “Demon” Davis (Fasi Sports, Las Vegas, NV)
Kapel by TKO (low kicks) at 2:48 of the third round.

Welterweight bout (147lbs) (Full MT rules 5×3)
Raymond Cole (Tampa MT – Tampa,FL) vs Ben Yelle (Warriors MT – Marquette, MI)
Yelle by KO (right low kicks) at 0:30 of the third round.

Lightweight bout (Full MT rules 5×3)
Neungsiam Samphusri (THA/San Francisco, CA) vs Nat McIntyre (MinnesotaMartialArts)
Neungsiam by five round unanimous decision.

Women Lightweight bout (135lbs) (Full MT rules 5×3) IMTF World title
Miriam Nakamoto (Las Vegas, NV) vs Angela Parr (Boonchu Gym – AUS)
Nakamoto by five round unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

Lightweight bout (Full MT rules 5×3) IMTF World title
Romie Adanza (Team Oyama, Irvine, CA) vs Andy Howson (Bad Company – Leeds,UK)
Adanza by five round split decision.

Super Welterweight (Full MT rules 5×3) IMTF World title

Malaipet Team Diamond (NoHo, CA) vs Christophe Pruvost (SUI/JPN Tokyo, Japan)
Pruvost by five round split decision

Thanks for reading.

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~ by fatsoking on April 4, 2010.

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