Steve Adams Has Passed Away

By Mike LNg

Steve Adams

Sadly, Steve Adams instructor at Golden Gym Muay Thai has passed away.  Steve was 41 years old and was a fixture at the Leeds, United Kingdom  gym where he trained and worked with UFC and K-1 fighters including Matt Skelton and Neil Wain. Steve leaves a legacy of fond memories of his kindness and for a gentleness that belied his large size.  Steve’s kind demeanor and patience is missed by students and family alike.

It is not yet known what the precise cause of death was but Steve had been an asthma sufferer.

Steve is survived by his fiancée, and two small children.

Heart felt condolences go out to all the friends and family of Steve Adams.

~ by fatsoking on November 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Steve Adams Has Passed Away”

  1. Goodnight God Bless Steve,
    What a wonderful guy, an inspiration to everyone who ever met him.

  2. I went for MMA training today and the GYM was closed. I saw a notice at the door. Went closer to read it. I was staring at it for 10 minutes, as it totally hit me I just couldn’t get around that one sentence. I couldn’t believe it. First you know someone, then all of a sudden he is gone. This is truly sad!

    Steve, indeed, was an excellent instructor. There was loads to learn from him. And there was always a good and positive atmosphere in his gym. I and many others, I believe, really enjoyed his classes and learned from them.

    He will be deeply missed.

  3. left my gloves i got from you when i was 12 iv saved them all these years i leave them on the doorstep as a mark of respect to steve who was a great trainer ill miss you mate

  4. great guy great instuctor sad loss

  5. I was talking about when I used to train at golden team with fond memories today when some one told me about Steve really shocked me. he was some one I had ultimate respect for as a trainer and as a person massive loss r.i.p mate.

  6. Steve was a great role model to us all. He played a big part in many peoples lives. Steve was the life a sole that would lighten any room up with his presence. I often think of Steve. Rest in peace my friend. You will always be in my thoughts

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